The fragrance of love ~ this is what the Rose symbolizes ~ a flower with one of the highest frequencies in nature.
Heart opening, guiding us towards softness, sweetness, flowingness in our being. Velvety and sensuous. Surrendering to life.


The medicine of Cacao is known since ancient times and has been used to harmonize the body and soul, open the heart, connect with higher guidance, alleviate depression and insomnia, enhance meditation and boost creativity.


Damiana is an aphrodisiac which enhances sexual vitality and increases libido in both men and women, can help regulate painful menstruation, headaches, anxiety and depression.


This damiana, rose and cacao elixir captures the essence of these beautiful plants that can support us in staying present, in our hearts, feeling all that arises and letting go easily. Dancing playfully and smoothly through life.

Trusting there is a time for everything ~ like in nature some seasons are for resting and doing nothing, some seasons are for growing and blossoming. There is beauty in all of it.

rose, damiana & cacao elixir

  • Damiana (Turnera diffusa), rose petals, organic cacao beans, organic alcohol, mountain water, organic honey.